Grilled Portabello Feta Spinach Tomato and Pesto on a Toasted Garlic Roll  $9.50

-Panini Turkey Pastrami Cheddar Apple and Honey Mustard $9.50

Entree Salmon Burger and Sauteed Broccoli Over Rice  $13.95

Chicken Salad Red Onion Jalapeno Peppers and Swiss on a Croissant  $9.95

Grilled Chicken And Grilled Veggies with a Hummus Spread in a wrap $9.95

Dinner Specials

(served with a small house salad)

-Combination of Chicken Adana served with mixed grilled vegetables over rice $18.95

-Slow roasted charbroiled chicken over linguini with fresh tomato sauce $16.95

-Combination of grilled salmon, shrimp over linguini with broccoli garlic, extra virgin olive oil $19.95

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